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Increasing healthcare costs have most people concerned about keeping expenses low, even leading some to pass up health insurance because they think they cannot afford it. Under the Affordable Care Act, everyone must purchase healthcare coverage or risk paying a fine to the government. READ MORE >>

In your efforts to obtain the best insurance policies for your business, a major concern might be the premium you will have to pay. Insurance companies use many factors when calculating your premium, including claims history and the risk associated with your business. READ MORE >>

Safe drivers are cognizant of the risks of the road, aware of their surroundings, and committed to paying attention to the changing situations around them. Still, many people get behind the wheel when they are too tired to be truly committed to their driving. READ MORE >>

Everyone has seen a few online videos of someone slipping and falling in a random store (overturning a shelf in the process). We might laugh at the video, but we are forgetting to realize that after the camera stopped rolling, the victim might have sustained a severe injury. READ MORE >>

It’s never a good thing to lose someone you love. Along with grieving might come new responsibilities that survivors will have to shoulder. They might have to adapt to no longer having the financial security that you used to provide, and this might prove very worrisome. READ MORE >>

If your home has a septic tank, then you are aware that the system is going to create quite a few maintenance responsibilities over the years. After all, in the event of a septic tank problem, you are going to face a smelly, nasty, and expensive cleanup process. READ MORE >>

If you are single, then you only must worry about how to take care of your own health, wellbeing, and personal security. However, once you start a family of your own, you will have to keep them just as healthy, secure, and prosperous as you yourself. After all, your spouse, children, or other dependents are your responsibility. READ MORE >>

While running your business, you might occasionally encounter situations where customers must operate machinery. It might be as simple as allowing customers to brew their own coffee in your restaurant or cut their own keys in your hardware store. Everywhere, self-service shopping is becoming more common, particularly in this age of social distancing. READ MORE >>

Those who rely on you for financial (and personal) support are your dependents. These might be your children, a disabled family member or another person who would not be able to make their own way in the world without your support. But what if something were to happen to you? What if you died in a car accident? READ MORE >>

When you choose to buy life insurance, you are taking a big step to ensure your loved ones’ financial security after your death. While it is usually an easy decision to get coverage, determining how much coverage you need might be trickier. READ MORE >>

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