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Dealing with Ice Dam Ice dams are formed by either the sun, or loss of heat from your home causing the snow on your roof to melt. Water begins to flow under the snow as it travels down the roof. When the air temperature is significantly below freezing, the temperature of the roof deck, gutters... READ MORE >>

Is Your Car Worth Less Than Your Loan? The economy has made financing cars more difficult and lease arrangements are scarce, car loan and existing leases may last as long as  four to six years. Whether your vehicle is a coupe, sedan, van, sports utility vehicle, or truck, your vehicle’s value will depreciate very quickly. READ MORE >>

Hi All: The linger of winter tends to have us all wishing for greener pastures and time away from home. In that vein, we must be extremely wary of posting personal information about our whereabouts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking areas. Economic times are tough and with that, desperate times usually expose desperate measures. READ MORE >>

"The Fatal Attraction" What Is An Attractive Nuisance? This is a term originated by a judge to describe property that attracts youngsters and, because of their dangerous nature, creates a special obligation to property owners. Examples are: swimming pools trampolines empty buildings READ MORE >>

Hi All:   If you know of a business looking for a GREAT insurance at a reasonable cost, please have them view this important video below - It highlights one of our carriers PUSH to be the "Carrier of Choice" in Maryland. Good stuff and a fine company! They love any type of Contractor / Auto Repair / Food Services! READ MORE >>

Nothing beats the new car smell when you sit in a brand new car. But how do you know how safe your new car will be if you are ever in an accident? It is simple: before you buy a new car, research the crash rating tests for that vehicle and check for some important safety features. READ MORE >>

I have a feeling we won't see another storm like the two we had in the last week in our lifetime. We now need to re-focus our efforts in making sure that all of the claims received as a result of the snow storm are adjusted efficiently and expediently. The reason you purchased insurance was for just this type of major catastrophe. READ MORE >>

Good Day All: Our agency will be closed today due to the adverse weather conditions. However, we are sensitive to your needs regarding any claims issue you may have. Use our emergency claims "hotline" numbers listed on our website in case of extreme emergency.  Please follow this HOTLINK to find a list of our emergency claim numbers. READ MORE >>

So you awake to face another winter morning. You know how it goes, you take care of washing up, brushing what needs to be brushed, throwing down something edible so you can check off “eat healthy breakfast” from your to-do list and then you march out to your car. READ MORE >>

The “Group Life” Nightmare   Don't Depend On This Coverage In A Down Economy! It's the abyss of cash flow. Times are still tough and may get more interesting as we move into the spring of this year. Health Care Reform is looming on the horizon and there isn't a program the Feds in Washington don't like. READ MORE >>

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