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  How Safe is Your Deck?                                          &nb...

        The Outer Banks Disaster – What This Means To Me as a Business Owner?     It’s all over the news.   You can’t help but feel sorry for the businesses and the families that were expecting a large time this July.     READ MORE >>

  It's a Dogs World! (we just live there) This is Lily. you would think by the name that she is like a gentle flower! A docile Labrador with a kind eye and a wagging tail. Actually, 99% of the time, you would be right. The other 1% of the time. Dead Wrong. Lily is what we call leash aggressive. READ MORE >>

    And You Thought All Commercial Auto Policies Were The Same?   Time to take a few deep breaths before you read this Blog...... Most folks that buy commercial auto insurance look at the two most important items on the declarations page. How much premium? READ MORE >>

  "Your Fired!" 8 steps to keep you out of hot water...   We have seen the show, we know the drill and we still do it wrong sometimes. As a business owner, you are subject to severe scrutiny, when you terminate an employee for cause. READ MORE >>

        Planning on Sprucing up your Home this Summer?  If so, you probably already have a list of annual projects. But there are many others that fly under the radar. Paul Sullivan, founder of a full-service remodeling company and the chairman of the Natio... READ MORE >>

Why is Cyber Liability a Really Big Deal? You own a business. You started it from scratch or bought it as an ongoing entity. It’s a fact of reality, that you are vulnerable to attack. In the old days, they would call it “protection”. READ MORE >>

Hey Folks, There are many reasons, other than price, to take a remedial look at your car insurance. The six reasons below should be indicators of when and why you should call for a review.   You just got a violation. I know, I know, you think telling your agent to give you advice means they must immediately run to the carrier and spill the beans. READ MORE >>

The Contractor’s Worst Nightmare “Cold sweat at night stuff”   Folks, it’s not my job to scare you. It’s my job to inform you of the perils associated with any risk. Like a good parent, you give your youngster a little rope to feel the tightness, but not so much that they hang themselves. READ MORE >>

We can't stop it, but we can help you recover. Check our mobile site by putting in your phone browser - to file a claim if you have no house power.   Link to the article below to prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Hurricane Prep Guide READ MORE >>

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